Swan Media produces or re-vamps all forms of video and audio - from TV commercials, radio commercials, and mood videos, to product launch material, brand videos, title sequences, event spectaculars and lots of content for the web and other new media.

Swan Media can make use of any format and output to any format - we can do some very clever things here in the digital world. All editing and graphics is uncompressed and of an extraordinarily high standard. Old video to upgrade, sir? Certainly. We can find ways to use your existing but outdated assets effectively.

And, while we have a passion for the moving image and the spoken word we also take pride in understanding your needs. The concept of management time (or the lack of it) and effective budgeting for instance. We work visibly, direct with the clients,
or invisibly for agencies who need specialist help.

So, whether you have wide experience of the media, or youíre new to this world,
come and explore the opportunities we can build for you.


Whilst we have an exceptional, time served and experienced team at SwanMedia HQ, we also use the most suitable shoot crews, directors, producers, writers, composers, props and scenes, designers, actors, communication consultants and voice artists for your job.
A bunch of highly experienced and friendly people full of knowledge - donít be afraid to ask us for it!

David Freeman MD

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